Our branded books

It is a best way to write in tamil language. By using tamil hand writing book kids will get a good handwriting.


We are selling term books for kids from 1st to 5th standard. Our books are more attractive.


Drawing is an art. We have surplus drawing books for selling purpose. Our books gives interest to students to draw.



Social studies includes history, geography, civics. Student must know the past what is happened in ancient period.


Cursive writing is stylish one. Some characters or alphabets are written joined together. During their exam this helps to score high marks.


Bookselling is the commercial Trading of books

Scholars and students spent many hours in these bookshop schools reading, examining, and studying available books or purchasing favourite selections for their private libraries. Book dealers travelled to

How to make student as more brilliant ?

Our books are good quality, papers used in books are more thicker.

Attractive Pages

Our books are made with attractive designs. Students are attracted and study well.


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More number of products are ready at low cost and good in quality.